segunda-feira, 27 de abril de 2009

O valor da AMIZADE!

As palavras prendem e limitam o meu sentimento...
Que a música embale sempre a tua vida...

Um beijinho Di!

2 comentários:

  1. I promise that whenever I have to choose to sit or dance, I’ll remember these words you sent me in this wonderful way and that, in these days, make all sense for my soul.
    You couldn’t express this feeling that keep us together in a better way: wishing so many good things, giving me the strength to fight and do not lay my hands and sit and foremost, the ability to accept all that Heaven gives me, sometimes not in the better way, but, surely, keeping in mind the He knows what is the best.

    As you say, words aren’t enough to describe this feeling… but, as long as you’re in my life, a LIGHT will always shine!!!

    A big kiss in your heart!

  2. Meu anjo,

    Eu tb não me vou esquecer nunca desta amizade q me leva sempre mais longe e para além de todo o significado...

    Obrigada por teres escolhido esta forma de me amares e por trazeres toda esta magia à minha simples existência...